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The Story

Reclaimed Block Work – 16th Century Malaga Stone

Originally a warehouS e for

recreational boatS

You only have to look at the front elevation of the Beach House and you will start to learn a little bit about its past.  The off-centre gable end, somewhat now iconic, was designed to take the masts of recreational sailing boats, as back in the 60s the premises belonged to Club Med.  Then, eager holidaymakers would venture out on group excursions where they´d relax, engage in activities and of course enjoy lunch on the beach.


Since the early days of Club Med, the Beach House has been a constant point of interest for tourists and residents alike owing to both the passion of the various proprietors and the unrivalled location.

2001 waS the beginning

of a new chapter…

Back in the 90s, the property was converted to accommodate the new owners' living quarters and thus the days of novelty voyages were over making way for a new focus on beach dining.

2001 saw the beginning of yet another new chapter and perhaps the start of the Beach House, as you may or may not know it today: The Beach House Restaurant was born. Now with more than 17 seasons completed the next adventure begins and the cherished building has once again been given a whole new lease of life!

20190122-Beachouse Morning Sunrise-27.JP

Serene, underS tated

In 2016 the decision was made to transform the residential areas of the Beach House into 5 luxury suites. Lucy McCrow, as owner and interior designer, wanted to achieve a direct harmony with the natural beauty of the property's coastal location and also draw on influences of the rich Andalucian culture.  

and refined…

The end result is a sequence of serene, understated and refined spaces which complement the striking sea views as opposed to contend with them, allowing guests an optimum level of privacy whilst they indulge in the exceptional services available.

As well as luxury, you will also find yourself immersed in the spirit of provincial Malaga with constant reminders of its fascinating heritage.  From 17th century reclaimed doors cut from the same red pine as the Spanish Armada to handmade brass lanterns emitting their unmistakably Arabic glow.

Once a purposeful boathouse now a luxury beach house, as long as the custodians of this magnificent building remain sensitive to its history and surrounding environment the magic will continue.  A notion perfectly demonstrated by a number of different soft furnishings which adorn the neutral chic interiors such as the mirror and picture frames made by Residence employees from shells collected on the beach.


“We are thrilled with the finished product which could only have been achieved by the incredible workmanship of our own people, the application of our own ideas and the use of our own selection of materials.  We feel more like custodians of this incredible Spanish property as opposed to owners, the sense of responsibility is a constant inspiration” G. F. McCrow

beS poke tranS formation

A unique, timeleSS and

Shortly after The Residence was launched in 2017, it was time to embark on yet another phase of development.  Following nearly fifteen years of loyal service, the restaurant's commercial installations and overall distribution were crying out for some much-needed attention. 


So in October 2017, the entire premises was closed for 6 months to undergo an extensive refit.  Owners, senior chefs, restaurant managers and local tradesman worked tirelessly together with an aim to dramatically enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the restaurant interior.  The original brief was to achieve a well-distributed series of comfortable and inviting spaces with an elegant and timeless design theme. 

20190108-Beachouse Xmas Warm Finish-7.JP
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